Welcome to Crafta La Vista! We pride ourselves on making unique children's garments, as well as inspiring easy ideas for family fun - all wrapped up in a little box to make the perfect gift.

Crafta La Vista started as a craft tutorial blog in 2011 by little ol' me (Nicole Evry) and over the years has branched off into many craft disciplines but it was the arrival of my beautiful baby girl that gave me to courage to start selling my own products.

I came up with the idea when I realised how many of my friends and mum's I was meeting, were actually from families where both parents work and had very little time to spend together. I wanted to focus my blog on easy and cheap ideas that would help families create some amazing memories, without having to sign up to lots of classes or spend ages researching on the internet. Taking it a step further, I am now also launching our new baby and child T-Shirt ranges which are not only just an item of clothing but also involve an activity that the family can enjoy together, which make them an amazingly unique gift idea for any of your family and friends with children.

Our Current Collections

Love Me T-shirts

I came up with this T-shirt because I wanted to create something fun for older siblings to do for a new baby. Not only is it a tool to help parents explain to their child that a new baby is on the way but it will also fill them with pride to see the baby wearing something they helped create. This then developed into a generic option that can be used by any family member, which makes it ideal for baby showers or just a fun spur of the moment gift.

Nursery Rhyme T-shirts

Why are there not more nursery rhyme baby T-shirts?!?!? We sing these songs to our little ones all the time, so I think it's a lovely design to have on clothing. To top it off, we have also created videos and a leaflet with fun baby movements you can do along to these songs so even if you don't remember quite how they go you can learn them all over again. It's nothing as formal as baby massage - just a few quick tips on fun ways to play and bond with the baby.

Birthday T-shirts

Hyper child on the run up to their birthday? Why not sit them down with this colouring in T-shirt to get some quality time together before the big day arrives.
It could also be a great party game where you get all the children to colour in part of the T-shirt and then take a group photo of all the artists and the birthday boy/girl wearing the creation.

To see our full collections, please go to our shop or if you have any questions then please contact me on craftalavista@gmail.com

Thanks for popping by and I hope you like what you see,
Nicole xx

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